I have been wearing my waxed canvas shoes for a few days now.

Overall, it has been a positive experience and I really like how the shoes turned out. 


1) They are water resistant, I wore these shoes while it has been constantly raining and despite stepping in a puddle. Surprisingly they have kept my feet dry. Rather than soaking in, the water beads off. 

2) More resistant to dirt, in my personal experience, I have found that plain canvas shoes stain and dirty quite quickly, especially the lighter colours. I have notice the wax coating does provide some protection against dirt and grime sticking on the shoes. 

3) They have an attractive vintage look to them. 

4) The waxed cotton is much stiffer and I find it provides a little more support for your feet than plain canvas shoes do. 

5) Beeswax is natural, so less exposure to chemicals (note, this advantage is subjective)


1) First few days they are uncomfortable, when freshly waxed, they are stiff and need some time to wear in. 

2) They are tacky at first, the wax needs at least 3 days to fully cure. 

3) The beeswax smells very nice, however the bad news is it attracts bees, a lot of bees. I was wearing them in my backyard and after about 20 minutes, I had at least 12 bees swarming near my feet. Based on my research, beeswax will attract bees and beeswax can maintain it smell for a few months. 

Overall, waxing my shoes has been a fun project and I am happy with how my shoes have turned out. 


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