In this blog post, I will be waterproofing my canvas shoes with beeswax. 

I love wearing canvas shoes as I find them comfortable and stylish, however I find they are not as durable or water resistant as leather shoes. I discovered this handy trick off YouTube and I though I will try it out for my self.

The process is very straight forward, all you need is the following:

  • Beeswax
  • Brush
  • Heat-gun (or hair dryer)
  • Heat source 
  • Paper towels. 

To waterproof your shoes, make sure their clean, then melt the wax, apply with brush while molten. Then finish off using a heat-gun or hairdryer. Using the paper towels wipe off the excess. 

Let the shoes cure for 24 hours, then you can wear them. The waxed canvas will be water resistant and more durable than unwaxed canvas. This simple trick definitely transforms the shoes into something else. 











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