K-Mart Tattoo
“I didn’t choose K-Mart life, K-Mart chose me”.

K-Mart has definitely become one of my favorite places to shop for many reasons. They have a lot of interesting stuff and most of it is quite affordable. Granted, not everything sold in K-Mart is good, and some of it is just plan crap. However in spite of that, I often enjoy going to K-Mart and sometimes after work, its fun to shop around at K-Mart just to see what they are stocking.

Kmart meme
“This is me most of the time”

One section I am quite impressed with K-Mart is their sporting section. While it is far from perfect, their sporting section does have some good stuff and in this post, I am going to share my thoughts on some good finds in the sporting and training section at K-Mart.

Number One: Kettlebells.

K-Mart Kettlebells

K-Mart sells are in what are in my opinion great cast iron kettlebells. I have purchased from K-Mart two 9kg and one 8kg kettlebells. I have been using these kettlebells for two and half years, and they have held up quite well. I have dropped them numerous times and used them for many training and warm up drill. So far the only issue I have had with them was the paint flaking off, but that is expected with general wear and tear. They only modification I have made to them was placing silicon tape on the handles for extra grip which I used for some of my strength training drills.

Number Two: Push Up Bars

K-Mart push up bars

These are another great find at K-Mart, push up bars, I used them for my training as I have problems with my right wrist with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from my days at university studying and playing computer games. I have owned this pair for 3 years, and they are still in good shape. At $8 they are a bargain, in comparison, at Rebel Sport (who in my opinion sell a lot of over priced crap) their cheapest ones were $20, they most expensive ones being priced at $38.


Number Three: Running Shoes

 This is one area that is a bit spotty and there are times when it pays to buy quality shoes as feet are very important. However these were another good find at K-Mart, I had these running shoes for 2 years, and after two years of contant running and training, they are still in good condition. The only downside is, the does wear out a little bit faster than other brand named shoes, but for the price, they are very good this pair I paid $20 for. In terms of running shoes, you could do a lot worse. In fact during the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, they Australian Defence Force (Navy, Army and Air Force) were still issuing Dunlop Volley shoes and used them as issue foot wear for physical training. In my personal opinion, Dunlop Volleys are comfortable, but they are a horrible running show and not very durable.

Number Four: Curl Bar

K-Mart Curl Bar Black

K-Mart Curl Bar

I purchased this curl bar from K-Mart about 3 years ago and it still in good condition, for $33, it is a good piece of kit. In comparison, a curl bar from Rebel sport cost about $70. One might argue that the Rebel sport one might be higher quality or be able to hold more weight. At the end of the day, it is a curl bar and to have any significant effect of weight affecting the curl bar, you will need to have the curl bar loaded up with a ridiculous amount of weight, like somewhere in the vicinity of plus 250kg. Last time I checked, the world record for curls is 120kg, and I have not met anyone who was curling anything close to that. Also, unlike Rebel Sports, K-Mart sells a really cool black curl bar, which looks really cool.


Number Five: Dumbbell Bars

K-Mart Dumbbells bars

 This is another great find at K-Mart, like the curl bar, I bought my pair 3 years ago and it is still in good condition, for they money they are extremely good. Also they come in a cool looking black finish.


Number Six: Weight Plates.

K-Mart weight plates

I have bought numerous weight plates from K-Mart. Ranging from their 1.25kg plates to their 20kg plates. They are good for their price and sufficiently durable for any home gym. I do admit their fit and finish is not as good as some of the more expensive brands. The K-Mart plates are roughly cast and only a simple spray painted finish on them, and the paint doesn’t seem to hold up that well. However, for the money they are good, at the end of the day, your muscles won’t know the difference between and expensive and well finished 20kg plate or a cheaper rough cast 20kg plate.

Some of the weight plates today.
10kg weight plates
A view of my homemade dumbbells with weight plates (each one has a weight of 42kg)

Number Seven: Dumbell Set

K-Mart weight set

A great starter set for a beginner, at $50, it is a good set of adjustable dumbbells that can be used for a variety of exercises.


Number Eight: 2 kg Dumbbells

Another high value low price find, these inexpensive 2kg dumbbells are great for certain boxing drills.


Number Nine: Ab Wheel.

K-Mart ab wheel

I used to use this a lot, but I now I don’t really used it in my work out much as I have found kettlebells to be very effective for ab work. Never the less, it is still a good find, and at $10, you can’t go wrong.


Number Ten: Suspension trainer.

 At one point I was going through a crossfit phase and I was doing a lot of suspension training. This set is very well made and can be used for a lot of different gymnastics based exercises. Sadly this is no longer available at K-Mart.


These are my top ten picks for fitness and sporting equipment at K-Mart. If you are interested in getting into fitness or training, K-Mart is definitely the place to go.


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